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Originally Posted by Sureves View Post
Going by the Forbes numbers, $126.5 million will be lost in profit for the league as a whole.

However, if you combined the Leafs, Rangers, and Habs profits you get $170.9 million in revenue, or in other words, outside of those 3 teams, the NHL is not profitable. Outside of those 3 teams, they lose $44.4 million per year if the games are actually played.
Yes, but remember there are overhead costs associated with the team (minor leagues, GM, coaches, skeleton staff, arena upkeep, etc) which do cost money.

It seems obvious though that the owners will lose more by not playing this year, and opposed to the last lockout when they lost a lot less by not playing. But how high is that number? Not sure, but its definitely far less than the players lose by not playing, and eventually that is probably what will turn negotiations around.

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