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Originally Posted by LeafOfBread View Post
For the time being it's Ottawa, but 10 years is such a ridiculous time frame, anything can happen over that period.

Could anyone in 2002 actually say that they saw the Blackhawks or Penguins becoming some of the best teams in the league and winning the Stanley Cup within 10 years? Or that Nashville would become a perennial playoff team?

Things change quite drastically in this league.

Oh man Michalek was born in the same year as Grabovski and is only a year younger than Lupul. Lupul also had a better season and outscored Michalek in less games.
10 years is a lot I'll admit, anything can happen for sure. But to answer your question, not long after Pittsburgh and Chicago tanked it up, you could tell they were going to be powerhouses in the not to distant future. They were both still horrible in 05-06, but you knew Pittsburgh at least was on their way up.

And yes, Michalek and Garbo are both 84 born, albeit almost a full year apart (Jan-Dec). Michalek is the type of player all teams covet; Big, Strong, Fast, defensively responsible, and can play with your teams top line center. He is worth more than both Lupul, and Grabovski.

Lupul had his best year ever last year, as did Michalek. Im much more inclined to believe Lupul was the one who was overachieving.

Lupul's 3 previous best seasons


Michaleks 3 previous best seasons


I'll take the younger, bigger, faster, stronger guy who's been more consistent over his career.

Originally Posted by DG View Post
So what if the Leafs acquire Roberto Luongo (quite possible) and sign Ryan Getzlaf (far less likely) next summer? Is Ottawa still in way better shape?

Maybe. But again, just those two things could totally change the conversation.

It might not be fair to bring those things up, but if the addition of one or two players can completely change your answer, it has to at least be somewhat close to start.
Well to get Luongo its going to cost you assets that you really cant afford to be spending. Gotta give to get.

And hoping your going to sign Getzalf is exactly how and why your in the mess Burke has gotten you into. Free Agrents dont want to sign there!!! Who was the last big name FA who was actually still good to sign in TO? Wishing for that gets you no where, and I would not be content with Burke telling you how much he wants to bypass building a team trhough the draft and just magically aquire your big name players.

Add Luongo and Getzlaf to any team in the league and they instanly become a much, much better team. Of course that would tip the scale towards the leafs.. I dont think their that terrible. and if they somehow go them both, they would basically be doing what I've been reiterating this entire thread, they'd have more stars, namely a #1C and #1G. A much better base to build off of.

This thread is not meant to speculate who either team might sign in that time frame, its asking based on what both franchises have right now, who's shoes would you rather be in. The absolutely staggering poll results gives me a pretty good answer to my question.

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