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10-09-2012, 01:56 PM
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kind of a weird case, but the OP sounds like she could be depleting glycogen, APT, and hitting catabolism at the same time right at the 30-45 minute mark. i've definitely never heard of it happening at the same time, but it sounds like it could happen.

immediate guess is that yes, you may have been low on calories that day and it's probably a pretty typical occurrence for your workouts. since you came from CF, i would say you are probably underweight and low BF anyway, so you are going to need more protein/carbs pre-workout. chocolate milk + whey + creatine shake does the trick sometimes.

on a more lifestyle change, you can definitely try bumping your protein and supplementing some creatine. not sure what your bodyweight is, but there's really no danger to eating upto 2g of protein per LBM lb each a day.

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