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10-09-2012, 01:58 PM
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Brady is going across the country to play in one of the toughest stadiums in the league. He's also had a bit of an easy schedule going against the #25, #24 and #22 pass defenses so far. Ponder is very feast or famine, but is playing the #31 pass defense while Brady faces #5. Washington's rush defense is significantly better than it's pass defense, so they might be forced to air it out. Seattle is just great all around on defense so that could be a messy one. The numbers say Ponder.

I'm playing the matchups this year rather than sticking by the studs (that is the point of benches, after all), and I'm benching Rodgers for Kolb in one of my leagues. I'd also go with Ponder, but it's probably not as clear cut as the numbers indicate.

Edit: It should also be noted that this will only be Minnesota's 2nd outdoor game this year. Ponder went for only 10 points and change @ Jacksonville to open the season. The Vikings do seem like they're on a roll now, though.

Rethinking this, if you're an underdog I'd probably gamble on Ponder. If it should be a close matchup or you're the favorite, I'd probably go Brady.

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