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10-09-2012, 04:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Shady Machine View Post
Even if it is a negotiating tactic, I can't imagine it's a very good one. I feel like it's just going to piss off the owners even more and they will be hell bent on getting what they want and the season is lost.

I think he's trying to sell the players rainbows and sunshine talking about how MLB is at labor peace while last summer you had the NFL & NBA lockouts. As long as he can convince players to stay united and not make them realize losing another season and battling the cap is like driving over a cliff, then who needs all the details about how successful those leagues are and how the MLB got to their labor peace after several strikes and lockouts.

I also find it funny how Fehr is saying players are getting annoyed with the salary cap when just some time ago it was "we'll play under the old CBA!!!".

PS, if the PA really decides to do this, the owners will just bring out another card up thier sleeve in guaranteed contacts. Considering concussions in the NHL, I'm sure the PA wouldn't mind that one bit...

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