Thread: Confirmed with Link: Matt Duchene's lockout adventure in Europe
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10-09-2012, 05:07 PM
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Originally Posted by expatriated_texan View Post
Actually, I don't believe NHL players should seek employment elsewhere...

I understand what you are saying regarding them being "locked-out" by the owners but let's face it...the owners only locked them out because they don't have a CBA. The players were free to start negotiations at any time...they chose to wait until the 11th hour. Both sides wanted this.

I just feel sorry for the poor schlubs in other leagues who have lost jobs to NHL players who should've been playing in NHL. Call it what you want and feel free to disagree...but I've lost a ton of respect for any NHL player seeking a job elsewhere instead of demanding their boss get the CBA issue resolved ASAP.
Those scrubs are usually junior players who just keep playing in J20 leagues or get loaned out to a team in a 2nd division or some other league or anywhere so it's not like they're losing their jobs. Most European teams don't employ 4th line goon scrubs that are gonna lose a job when another player comes in.

Players are doing the right thing, in fact they should've been taking Swedish lessons and or whatever in the summer and then signed on to play in Sweden or Germany or Switzerland as soon as they could. The guys who are waiting around are making a mistake, sooner they get going the better because this won't get resolved until at least late November if even.

Demanding their boss and playing abroad aren't mutually exclusive, they can still take part in negotiations via technology and message Fehr or whomever they want. Besides, not like they get much say outside of a vote, it's basically the main NHLPA negotiators (the Fehr brothers) doing what they think is right and then telling the players that it's right negotiating against Bettman and a small NHL negotiation committee with a few owners telling other owners what is right.

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