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10-09-2012, 05:28 PM
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Originally Posted by 7even View Post
Moot point because that article was published October 7th, 2011. Clarification: over a year ago. And just cause the dude won an award doesn't mean we should subscribe to anything and everything he says. That's how propaganda works. That's a very frightening idea indeed. So yes, I'll doubt whoever I want, because in the end, I can just go check the facts myself, which is exactly what I did. And then I went even further and gave those facts to you. And you're still swearing by a guy who's not even on the right year. But **** me for being a critical consumer of information, right? Next time I'll determine what I believe by the length of the biography page of whoever's pushing it.
Again here is the link. NICE TRY. While you get back to me on how Crosby was the 10th best player on the Pens for 10-11, explain to me how Phil Kessel coming off a career year that even his worst critics would concede was a great year by his standards was only 6th on the Leafs in Corsi.

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