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10-09-2012, 06:26 PM
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We have the Bulls at the Cow Palace, so I'm not losing hockey entirely, but under these conditions i will never pay another dollar to see the Sharks or any NHL games ever again.

Tired of owners and players squabbling over my hard earned money

And yes most if not all will go back

It became so clear as a Sharks season ticket holder what I really meant to them, just the body that holds that seat, doesn't matter who it is, if they go another will take his place

At the end of the day very little can ever be accomplished unless people actually back their words with their honor and stay away, yet you wont

We as a people could do some incredible stuff if we actually backed up all of this tough talk with real honor and didn't attend nor pay for games, but as long as the Canadian cities are involved there just isn't going to be this ability to cripple the leagues gate as a clear message to ownership. The passion for the game there is just too strong to overcome and the demand is just too intense. If you lose ticket privileges in those cities you may not get back in for a lifetime.

If the Sharks lower ticket prices considerably, then I would consider a return. There are no other scenarios in which i would go back.

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