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Originally Posted by CoopALoop View Post
The older Vaugh chesty's were known for always having the customer beef up the arms. I've got the new V5 unit and haven't had a problem so far. (which has been documented in multiple reviews).

I would also go with a more mobile C/A than say a reebok which is more designed for the drop and block style. Velocity line is Vaughn's dabble in that market as well, but it is still more mobile than other brands C/A's.
yeah I had my v4 7600 (which was basically the 7500 with a new label) and i thought the arm was kinda lacking too, i sold it after to pick up another chesty. but i have regretted it ever since, the 7600 was by far the coolest, lightest, and most mobile of any chesty's i have had, all i had to do was maybe order a couple velcroed pieces of foam from simmons or sara at paw and that would have been my dream set up!

i went from the 7600 to a zeroG pro stock and i felt like i cant even move out there!

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