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Originally Posted by y2kcanucks View Post
Although in my eyes it sorta does pass the eyeball test. If Daniel Sedin is receiving double the amount of o-zone starts than Hansen but isnt greatly outproducing him offensively with it, then either one of three things are true:

1) Daniel isn't as good offensively as Hansen.

2) O-zone starts don't have much effect on player stats.

3) We are experiencing diminishing returns by starting Daniel in the o-zone an extreme amount of times, and the return on those additional o-zone starts isn't as high as the first 50-55%.
You have a ton of confounding factors. Stats analysis isn't as easy as drawing a straight line from one point to another.

Where are you getting your goals scored while on ice stat from? I don't know how exactly you calculated your result since I don't have that data, but I bet with the same formula you'll find that Malhotra and Lapierre become offensive studs as well.

I can't imagine how sophisticated a statistical measurement would have to be to allow you to predict how a player would perform in a completely different role..
This. Especially when trying to base the measure on zone starts, a tactic which is only being used heavily by the Canucks and only in the last few years=not nearly enough statistical data to draw from.

All that said, I am not convinced that the high amount of offensive zone starts have really been helpful for the Sedins as players. I'd be interested in seeing what happens if zone starts balanced out more.

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