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10-09-2012, 07:10 PM
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Originally Posted by sabrescupbound View Post
I just don't get it. So your telling me, although good, you still have a 34 yo goalie that you don't need, with a huge salary until he's 40, and the price between him and one of the best scoring wingers of the NHL isn't sliding from a 1st to a third?

I totally give up. I don't ever want to hear that freaken goalies name again. I tried, I've said my piece, I will never put him in a trade scenario again. He's obviously worth way to much for my taste.
1) Luongo's 33.
2) He's probably a better player than Vanek.
3) He's on a much cheaper cap hit than Vanek
4) Why don't we see if Chicago fans are okay with a 2nd instead of a first before blasting me. We need to get future talent to help supplant our core, and currently Chicago has a much better prospect pool than us. It holds more value to us than it does to them, so it makes no sense to include it.

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