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10-09-2012, 07:14 PM
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i really dont think any kind of boycott is necessary. When they finally agree on something i think the NHL will really feel the impact of the lockout they brought upon themselves

Im sure 95% of diehard fans like me and the rest on the forum will go running back when they start up again, but they will lose alot more casual fans than most of us realize. In smaller markets where the majority of your fans are casual fans even if they lose a small percentage of those, the owners will lose alot more than some boycott that diehard fans can come up with. Expecially considering fans wont be as forgiving this lockout as last, as they made record revenue last year.

Im hoping that the effect of a lockout is big enough financially for the league that they cant use a lockout as a negotiating tactic next time, and next time they could work something out on time out of fear of losing so much fans/money in the next season.

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