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10-09-2012, 07:22 PM
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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
and most of them become 6/7th D por 12/13 F AT BEST, true there'S nothing exceptionnal about that
At best? Not really. At best they can be very useful NHLers, very rarely they can even become NHL stars (and thats at best). Usually they'd make 6-7th D or utility forwards, true, but a useful undrafted or late pick no6 defensemen or fourth liner is infinitely more useful than a highly drafted good AHLer that can't manage to get find a place in the NHL.

Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
funny to see people willing to give away a player with higher potential just cause a guy looked decent for a short strech as a 6th D.

maybe if we were a PO team, a good one, we"d need the reliability... but we're not
And we were a bad team in good part because we completely lacked reliability on defense. I believe St. Denis is a good no7-8 defensemen precisely because thats not a role you want defensemen with potential to have.

Having Weber as a no7 makes no sense because he won't gain confidence or get better if he barely plays and has no set role (a no7's role depends on who is benched or injured). If we keep Weber he has to show he has a place in the top6. He has to outperform at least one of our top6 defensemen otherwise we should trade him for his own sake (and while he might still have some value). I'm all for Weber if he manages to convince people that he needs to be kept.

Potential is only worth something if the player uses it. Pouliot has more raw potential than Moen and is much younger yet I'd take Moen on my team every time. The same way a guy like Mathieu Darche is more useful as a 13th forward than Corey Locke, a much more skilled but far less versatile guy, would be. There is a point were you realize the guy with the lowest potential is actually a better player than the high potential guy. Think Shawn Belle (big first round pick that had ''top4 potential'' and turned out to be a complete failure) vs Josh Gorges (undrafted, a bit older that had ''no6-7, AHL potential'' and became a solid top4 defensive D )

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