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Originally Posted by probertrules24 View Post
Sorry not trying to derail this thread but what was the zetterberg news?
He signed with Zug. Said he was going to wait a lot longer than he did and then basically left pretty early. Thought jobs overseas might fill up and didn't think he could wait any longer. He is on the 30 person player team that is said to be constantly included and kept up to speed. He has been in charge of the Wings practice ice time and was talking about how they would pay for it last week with competitions or something soon. Then a couple days later he is packing up for Switzerland. I don't take that as a good sign at all.

In early September he made it sound like he wouldn't leave until the season cancelled. Then at the start of October he said when the cancelled games he would take offers more seriously. Now maybe Zug knocked his socks off, because he turned down Lugano just seven days ago. Saying he wasn't ready yet. Pretty big change in a week and since Z is pretty connected I just don't like how this feels. Don't fault him for a second but it seems the Wings are pretty certain this is dead in the water, both the organization sending things out and the players beginning to jet overseas. If Helm, Abdelkader and Howard jet here soon, Cleary is already over practicing last I heard we can see the writing on the wall.

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