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Originally Posted by jumptheshark View Post

Without taking this down a bad path. It looks to me that the problems the blues are facing is due mostly to bad decisions my the ownership groups previously. Concessions and parking is where the money is. While I can understand why some people would want the big revenue teams to share more, you then have in business slang "You want to come into my house, I get to come into your house." You can not just say to the big revenue you need to share and not expect to give something up. Those teams then could look at a team like the blues and say that many of the problems that they are facing are self inflicted and they need to sort out their house first. It sounds like most of the damage was caused by the Checkets group.

I am looking at that 20mil for concession and think that needs to be addressed.

I don't know how the prices are in your stadium but I know elsewhere I think the average spent in arenas in other cities is about 40 to 50 bucks on concessions Beers, popcorn, hamburgers and what not--it adds up quickly. I know when I lived in Edmonton and Vancouver, I usually spent between 100 to 120 at a game.

say if you are drawing an average of 15k per game(I know the blues are drawing more but I decided to use 15 to deal with the argument over my 50buck average per game) 15k times 50 is 750k you have 41 home games a year. Checkets got 10mill for concession for twenty years? This is where I get lost. The blues get nothing from concessions? Say if the average person spends 20bucks a game (beer was 8 bucks at the last canuck game I went to, Burger was 10 bucks, fries was 5 and popcorn was 4.25). 17000 was the average attendance for the blues times that by 20 you get 340k times that by 41 you get 13.9 mill or there abouts--Checkets sold it for 10mill for 20 years? I am confused--the blues have to get some of the concessions
I'm not sure how many NHL teams operate their own concession stands. I would imagine that most teams are like the Blues, they let another company pay them for the right to operate those stands. Sure, they may bring in ~$13.9M, but that is before the cost of the food, the cost of the workers, the cost of insurance, and the cost of the contract with the Blues.

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