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Originally Posted by Feed Me A Stray Cat View Post
I don't disagree that players can influence if the ball is hit in the air or the ground, and that certain players swing at bad pitches. That much is obvious. What players have much more difficulty doing is controlling whether the 115mph drive off their bat is hit right at a fielder, or goes five feet to his right. That part is pretty random. The best thing a hitter can do is make good contact consistently, and more often than not he'll do well. That doesn't mean he won't run into bad streaks, though.

Arod actually has a better batted ball profile in the postseason than the regular season. He hits more line drives (better for average) and fly balls (better for power) and less infield flies. His batting average on balls in play is the same though, while his HR/FB ratio is much lower. What this insinuates is that, for whatever reason, less of Arod's fly balls clear the fences and drop in for XBH. In addition, Arod strikes out a bit more, but also walks a bit more in the postseason.

I suspect that the slight reduction in Arod's postseason power numbers is due to facing better pitching. I'd be curious to see if there's a general decline in XBH in the postseason.
Ah, gotcha and agreed that it is extremely difficult to place a ball a few feet from a fielder or not and with that comes how much ground and how quickly a player can get to a ball hit in a reasonable distance from them - obviously every player differs in that regard

Taking those numbers regarding aired balls vs grounded balls aside for a minute, I've done a fair amount of reading on A-Rod from the Torre, Steinbrenner, and a clubhouse boys book and a lot of his struggles are physiologically related - you'd never believe some of the things the day and hours leading up to a game, players used to joke to each other that it is to the point that he would actually marry himself, much of A-Rod's days are spent thinking about how he looks in front of people in everything on and off the field

When it comes down to the bigger spotlight and out of the regular season and the NY media is on him come October he becomes overwhelmed and is focused on too many different things/his mind all over the map

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