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10-09-2012, 11:07 PM
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Originally Posted by wakawaka View Post
I understand that in the Isles CURRENT situation makes martin untouchable but is he really that necessary a few years down the road?

I mean with a beefed up D
Not to mention that beast Carkner they just signed

On offense Nino, Okposo, and Boulton(he's a big dude as far as I know) add grit. There's also some pretty tall prospects that could learn to throw their body around once they mature and fill out. There are also several FA's that could be signed to fill his role that no one but Garth Snow can predict.
Sure Martin led the NHL in hits (a very subjective stat by the way) by a significant amount but I wouldn't say he's untouchable, Important yes, but as untouchable as Tavares? Seems like an awfully big stretch to me.
With the Isles, you MUST take salary into account. While I agree with others that the proposed deal is around the mark in terms of value, it doesn't make much sense realistically.

As Chapin stated, the 3 most untouchables on the Isles are JT, Hamonic, and Martin. For the money that Hammer and Matty Marts make (Wang LOVES this fact), they are key pieces to the team makeup. While Martin seems to be just a 3rd/4th liner, he brings a lot of other intangibles that make him a fan favorite and a well-liked member of the team. He's a quintessential 'glue guy' as he sticks up for his teammates and he plays the game the right way. He's a homegrown and CHEAP. The same applies to Hamonic who has all the makings of a stalwart on the blue line for a long time.

The Isles committed to a full on rebuild. Their whole system was a mess when they started it. Not much talent on the NHL roster, the AHL roster, and prospects. No premium FA's are going to sign on LI with all the uncertainty surrounding the team so they are going all in with their kids. They kind of have no other choice really. While adding Subban would be great, Snow has shown that he WON'T part with anyone that the organization deems a part of the young core and their premium draft picks. Snow has stocked the cupboard and Wang loves it because he doesn't have to pay them big dollars until much, much later... when things will be settled which centers around a new arena.

The only deals have been of the salary dump variety and they are usually for draft picks as demonstrated by the deals for Vishnovsky and Wisniewski in the past. You could probably count Rolston in there too, but he's the Isles version of Voldemort as he is someone that shall not be named eventhough I already did, haha. That's just the reality of the state of the Isles.

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