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10-10-2012, 02:05 AM
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Actually fix the AI, and by fix the AI I actually mean fix it unlike their pathetic attempt this year

I like this game a lot, but seriously sometimes playing the high level AI is just not even fun. my AI is so dumb and useless, yet theirs is unbelievable. they will hit me 5 times in a matter of 3 seconds til im knocked off the puck. ill deke them and then when im on a breakaway somehow level me from behind and ill go flying

Or if i skate too close to their d they will literally just take the puck from me... not hit me, not lift my stick, not poke check, just literally take the puck... how come humans cant do this?

Also all of the AI clogs up in front of the net, including my own damn players, and I can never get a shot through... Allow for more customization of AI in game where I can tell my stupid ass players to get out of the way. This would help with EASHL or position locked modes too, when you are losing by a goal and your team is icing it on the PK with 30 seconds left.

its just bs...


Its probably been said in years past but it would be really cool to actually be able to customize your AI a little. As your team levels up, your AI should get a little better, and you should be able to chose what type of player your AI at each position is before each game. You can have set ones made in advance, even with names you created.

Needs to be a benefit for winning each championship... Amateur gives you an OK prize, Pro a better prize, Elite a great prize. What they are I'm not entirely sure but they could do something cool like use that face generator thing online to allow you to make your skater have your face if you win the elite tourney.


And as far as HUT goes I like the no contracts, it makes it fun and when I use my good players for an easy tourney once in awhile I dont feel bad like I am wasting them. But I am afraid of the markt getting too full of good players, but whatever. I love how they are actually difficult to get in this game.

I would like to see different training though, the one game ******** is worthless. If I add plus 7 shoot to Brian Campbell for one game and he doesnt score a goal or an assist then its like I wasted it haha. The odds of a training card ever actually earning you an extra goal are sooooo slim when they're only good one game.

I'd like to see different cards for different time, like contracts. For example, plus 5 shoot for 3 games would be a cheap one. +2 All for 30 games would be a high end training card. And at the end the card expires, they go back as they were.

Also having salary in this game is kind of bull too. Since you cant beef up prospects permanantly, it would be impossible to sustain a good team with 4 good lines and 3 good pairings for under the cap.

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