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10-10-2012, 07:48 AM
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Originally Posted by apice3 View Post
You don't get paid extra for being in the playoffs.

All that guy has ever cared about is money and his own personal statistics, which translate to more money come contract time. I read a while ago that in blowouts, he would tip his own pitchers pitches to the opposing batters so that when he was at bat in a blowout, they'd do the same for him. Which, if you think about it, explains why he's such a great player when games are already out of hand.

Guy has never given a damn about winning and while FMASC can throw his crazy stats at you, my own two eyes tell me that A-Rod is physically incapable of producing in the playoffs especially in the most clutch situations.
Home runs, RBI, and AVG/OBP/OPS are crazy stats?

I think I give up. Obviously your subjective impression of Arod's performance, which is heavily skewed by your own personal biases and anecdotes you've heard from others about Arod, is more factual than hard statistics.

Bottom line is that Arod has performed well above average in his postseason career according to the numbers. Whether you can bring yourself to accept that is another story. This is not to say that Arod couldn't have/can't perform better (his postseason numbers are still well below his regular season numbers), however in no universe is a .864 OPS a sign of someone who is "physically incapable of producing."

Fangraphs also has a "clutch score", which tabulates a player's clutch ability based on performance in high leverage situations (runners on and 2nd outs, close and late, etc.). Arod has a better clutch score in the postseason and regular season, by quite a bit actually.

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