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10-10-2012, 07:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Helo View Post
He was playing waaay more than that,and it doesnt matter what shremp WAS,but what he is now,if he has such an unimaginable skill why ISNT he scoring?

Regarding info, he started game in top6 only once, yeah, he was moved there couple of times, but again mby 2-3, not more.

Why he isn`t scoring? Again, i`am not inside the team, so i can`t tell. Mby he needs more time, like Giroux, only started scoring after ~5 games, Schremp mby needs 10~, and again linesmates issues, Meija and Dzerins are not terrible, like you said, but they definitely are waaay bellow Schremp talent. Remember how much time Trotter needed to show hes real game, ofc, that was slightly different situation, he was playing in NA prev season, when Schremp played in Sweden, but as we all know, all people are different, so Schremp have some problems, hope he can get over them asap.

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