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10-10-2012, 08:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Oilers4life1987 View Post
- Contract extensions during the season
- Better drafting system, it would be awesome if you could scout 1 player specifically and see what he needs to improve and what his strenghs are. For example, I want to scout Sean Monahan of the 67's so my scouting staff would provide me with a scouting report on him. I like that they divided it into six categories but a bit of info on him would be great. So let's say... great 2way centreman, amazing poise with the puck, solid in all three zones. accurrate shot. Something like that.
- Obviously true performance skating is awesome but I'm sure it can only get better.
- Custom goalie masks. Allow us to edit the masks by moving the logo, names on the chin area sort of like Price or Kipper, changing the colors,etc. You get the point.
- WJC for be a pro, Im not sure if it's a licensing thing or not but it would be sick. - Hitting engine needs fixing.
- Keep track of your prospects stats while in junior to see if the are developing nicely. For example, high 1st rounder not living up to expectations. Obviously, it would allow to know if he's worth a ELC or let him re-enter the draft.

Thats all I have for now
It's easy for them to make both the WJC and Olympics/WC. Just call them the "EA National Junior Tournament" ("The Goodwill Games" ) etc. and then we know what it actually is but it keeps the licensing correct.

All I want is for my BaP team not to get ripped apart once I get there. I want some good players to stick around for a while.

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