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10-10-2012, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Bring Back Scuderi View Post
I don't think they're KHL haters, just dumb fans of North American hockey who aren't familiar with the European game. Their comments read as inflammatory but it's really just ignorance.

Just different set of ideals, but you'll see them give players credit who play the way they think it should be (even if they make jokes about the names as they do it). Melrose was actually good when talking about a player he knew, unfortunately for today's game that was really only Erik Christensen.

What does ESPN know about the KHL? We all know this answer, so why would we expect a former hockey pro and journalist hired by them to be prepared.

Melrose's most memorable rant for me was him complaining about NHLers playing in Europe. To think these guys are just mouthpieces for the NHL is to miss the shots they'll be taking at a company in the business who just turned them down recently.
Much of his rant was anti-Union in nature. He tried to sell it as rich players betraying their teammates who aren't good enough to be signed by a European team (he admitted that no European team would have signed him). The problem with the team chemistry argument is that you are playing for Edmonton in September, but then you are traded to the Islanders in December, and the Jets in March. Players move from one team to another all year long, so any sense of "team" is just a temporary, manufactured concept.

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