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10-10-2012, 09:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Iceonfire View Post
Way to contradict yourself...

You are the one that picked apart my comments. I chose to respond. And yes SMYTH not Smith took his roster spot. Renney was openly criticized for over playing the vets instead of giving minutes to the kids.

You clearly know nothing of the Oiler's system and it shows. And you say teams can't play both offensive and defensive systems?? Yet you then say they can. Detroit is easily the best example of offensive defense. Through puck possession, zone control, drawing penalties etc...

Or how about Vancouver? 5th in goals for and 4th in goals against...

And yes Zibanejad is a center. He can also play both RW/LW. The Sens were planning on using him as a LW this year to get him more time with the club. But like I said, he will eventually surpass Turris...what then? What about Daugavins and Latendresse? Like it or not, Turris will end up as a 3rd line center.

Paajarvi in his rookie season went from playing in the SEL to the worst team in the NHL. He still managed to land more points than Seguin, Johansson, Burmistov, Backlund...

Turris in his rookie year had 20 points in 63 games and was -15.

And you say his production on the Sens was attributed to him? Nope. I would say the Norris winner and All star team captain linemate had more to do with it.

At least with Gagner you know what you get. Turris hasn't proven a thing.

I think you have trouble with reading comprehension. Yes I picked apart your comments. You tried to pick apart two of five comments I made. You had no response to the others because I was right.
Smyth taking his spot or not, 8pts in 41 games is ****! I agree he probably would have done better with better linemates but to say he is better than Turris is wrong. I don't care what he did in the AHL, if he was better than Turris he would have stayed in the NHL, Smyth or no Smyth.
Yes, I said teams cannot play both offensive and defensive system. Ofcourse the best teams in the league can do well in both areas, but it begins with a system that has a focus. Can you play a two way system, yes. Does that mean you will go all out offensively and be stingy defensively, no. If you don't understand that, I don't know what to say.
You said Paajarvi's rookie season was better the the season Turris had last year. Now you are changing your tune and comparing their rookie years. Stick with the original discussion instead of changing your tune when someone calls you on it.
Your post that I originally responded to was full of inaccuracies and you are defending it by changing the details to fit your need.
You are not worth discussing anything with if you wont stay with the same details that you started.
Daugavins () or Latendresse?!?! Neither are centers. How will they take Turris spot? Again you are showing your ignorance about the Sens. Then you bring in Gagner.....when were we taking about Gagner?

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