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10-10-2012, 09:49 AM
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Originally Posted by howeaboutthat View Post

Up until now my limited ice hockey experience has been gained from playing in scrimmage games, turning up and slotting into the beginner line, everyone ending up chasing the puck around rather than playing for position.

I've been offered the chance to register with the rec team and am going to take it, even though I'm still a relative novice. Just being able to train with them regularly will improve my game a hell of a lot more than the occasional scrimmage session will, I felt a better skater after just two open sessions with them!
Good choice! I play in a couple of different leagues as well as doing some developmental/instructional stuff that has scrimmages.

In the leagues where we have an actual team with people playing positions, it's such a different game. You have a place to be, and if you are there - you will get passes and chances to get assists and score goals. You can rely on a teammate to be where they are supposed to be (usually) when you need to pass your way out of a tricky situation. And you can see how the game unfolds and actually develop a sense of strategy and playmaking.

In the beginner scrimmages, it's everyone chasing after the puck and nobody being in the right place. I try to play position, but since nobody else is doing that, they don't look for you to be there. I've been waiting in my spot wide open so many times looking for a pass but it never comes because everyone else is all in one spot on the ice, focused 100% on the puck. They never think to look up and say "oh, hey - we got a person there who can take the puck, and probably get halfway up the ice before anyone can catch her because everyone else is down here in the corner."

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