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Originally Posted by Ag925 View Post
Let's try this again...

As a Los Angeles King ('88-'96):

(1) Hart Trophy
(3) Art Ross Trophies
(1) 1st Team All-Star selection
(3) 2nd Team All-Star selctions

Regular Season
539 GP - 246 G - 672 A - 918 PTS

60 GP - 29 G - 65 A - 94 PTS

He may not be your favorite King because maybe you're still asshurt that he didn't bring a Stanley Cup to Los Angeles, but he certainly has the greatest Kings career.
So we're not allowed a different point of view than you?

Stats wise, yes, Gretzky was awesome. This isn't baseball though, and this game isn't driven on pure stats analysis.

I view the greatest King as someone I'd symbolize as being the face of the franchise, the image that comes to mind when I think of the history and legacy of the LA Kings. That's NOT Wayne Greatzky, even if he was the reason I became a Kings fan in the first place. To me, that's likely Dave Taylor or Luc Robitaille, with a leaning towards Robitaille. Dionne, Vachon come in there as well. And btw, Herby, you're right about Doughty. Completely forgot him, thanks for pointing him out. He very well could be the greatest of them all in the future.

Originally Posted by Ag925 View Post
Don't give me the Linden vs. Bure speech. It's clear as day who owns the greatest on-ice Kings career.

The franchise had just 5 winning seasons and just 4 playoff seres wins through its first 21 years of existence.

In what amounted to less than 7 regular seasons-worth of play, Gretzky led the Kings to 4 winning seasons, 6 playoff series wins and the franchise's first Stanley Cup finals appearance, despite the likes of Sam McMaster, Barry Melrose and Nick Beverley screwing things up every way imaginable.
If you want to use 'career' then why does Gretzky's nearly 8 seasons (not 7 as you stated) outweigh Dionne's almost 12 seasons, or Robitaille's 14 seasons? If you want to go on a purely 5 year span (most of Wayne's success came from 1988-1989 to 1993-1994) then I'd agree with you. As a career though? No, I go with someone else.

Btw, if you are using 'regular-seasons worth of play' as your measuring stick, then don't count his playoff success. Playofss and regular season are to totally different things, as the 8th seeded Kings this year showed everyone.

Additionally, Sam McMaster was Kings GM from 1994-1997, and the Kings never even made the playoffs those years, so Gretzky didn't lead the Kings to anything over his incompetence. As for Melrose and Beverley, while they aren't my favorite Head Coach and GM, they did lead the team to a cup finals appearance, and that should be given far more credit than you do. If it was simply Gretzky carrying the Kings to the playoffs and beyond, then why did it take Mario Lemieux five years before he even made the playoffs? It takes a team to do what Gretzky did, not Gretzky alone.

And once again, you give him credit for overcoming imcompetence (Melrose and Beverley in this case) to achieve his results when three of those four winning seasons came before Melrose and Beverley were even with the Kings in those roles.

Originally Posted by Ag925 View Post

Pretty jarring how little gratitude Kings fans today have for Wayne.
I don't see anyone in this thread showing little gratitude for Wayne Gretzky. We all acknowledge he's a top 5-10 King of all-time, and to some he likely goes as high as number 4 behind Dionne, Taylor and Robitaille. That's not disrespect, that's just people own opinions. No one is attacking you for thinking he's the best all-time King, but just because we don't share that opinion doesn't mean we have 'little gratitude' for Wayne Gretzky. It's ok to have a different opinion than you.

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