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Originally Posted by Skraut View Post
It can't be "Howson and Above" because Lee mentioned Craig Patrick who is neither.
I see the reference he made. I still don't see where you are going with it, however. He obviously considered a senior adviser part of the front office. The scouting staff is as well, but he probably didn't give much thought to them. I really don't either. The GM either listens to them or doesn't.

Personally I think he has diminished the role of someone, somewhere. Things feel a bit different even if Patrick isn't directly responsible since he came on board. My understanding is that Patrick didn't actually hit the ground running and was pretty behind the times.

Personally, I didn't read your link but I wouldn't consider the coaching staff part of the front office if they do. They are the coaching staff. Yeah, I read your link now. From a house keeping perspective they are front office I guess. However, they generally make little to no decisions that I consider front office (contract, game ops, etc). Much like I don't think Jeff Rimer does as well. He listed as front office which is a joke. Moving Billy D to TV from Radio doesn't exactly smack of a front office decision.

Basically the Jackets took nearly everyone employed, who wasn't a player, ice girl, or mascot and listed them. Hell I even see my season ticket rep in that list. They change all the time. I don't think that was what Lee was looking for for "change" in the front office (I've had like 8 different STH reps over the years).

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