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10-10-2012, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
I saw Fasth play yesterday. The game ended 1-1 with 14 minutes to go after Fasth's teammate, Oscar Sundh, had a severe head injury. He hit his head against the board and then slammed his head real hard against the ice while being unconcious and got spams kind of like that Tam (sp) kid got after being hit by Patrice Comrier in the OHL (WHL?). Reports are this morning that he is awake and nothing major seem to be wrong (he was out on the ice for like 16 minutes and never regained consciousness while being in the arena so that's good to hear). Strong call by the reff and the coaches for sure to stop the game, many of them had tears in their eyes...

Anyway back to Fasth, he scored the lone goal for HV and it was a real nice one. The highlight can be seen at this link at around the 0:40 mark. Fasth also lead all skaters on his team in ice time.

Overall, I think Fasth kind of has slowed down some the last couple of games. Hopefully he will get going again soon. He needs to be in that mode when he is all over the ice all the time, inorder to really stand out as a "top prospect". The commentators yesterday talked about how Fasth more or less is stepping up as the top prospect in Swedish hockey right now. And when he is on top of his game atleast, I think that's true. But at the same time, he doesn't get anything for free on the ice. His skating is great, but compared to say a Hagelin, Fasth is more of a well rounded skater but maybe not as intense as Hagelin so he wouldn't get a ton for free on a lower line from his skating either (I would compare Fasth's skating to Lisins (while there is none other simularity between the two)). IE great speed going the length of the ice. Great speed when going on the outside. But Hagelin in comparision got those super fast first steps that makes him eat up D's on the regular baiss on the forecheck. There is definitely no reason for concern yet. But Fasth isn't in the position where he can take a step back and still be alright.
This is strong praise from Ola, who generally skews to the negative when evaluating players. Very curious to hear your continued updates on Fast (and Lindberg).

By the way, check out that highlight - talk about a snipe off the rush!

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