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10-10-2012, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by blinkman360 View Post
Grabner's kind of an enigma. He has the ability to be a 40-goal scorer, he just struggles with finishing. He probably had close to or the same amount of scoring chances/breakaways last year as he did the year before, but for some reason or another he couldn't put the puck in the net.

I do like Boedker, I just don't see him becoming the goal scorer that Grabner was/is/will-be? Grabner also is a great PKer. He's gotten a ton of SH chances, to the point where you can see the opposing team letting up a bit to account for his speed.

Either way, if he isn't a guy you'd be interested in I'm not sure what other wingers the Isles would have that could replace him. I don't see Okposo or Bailey going anywhere. Moulson is tied with Tavares. I could see Nino as a possibility, but I think the Isles still see him as a big part of their future. Kabanov could be an option for you guys. Anyone else though I don't think have much value.

As far as MacDonald goes, I'd consider including him, but I was under the impression that you are completely loaded with defenseman(even if Yandle is traded away)? I could see why you'd want him though, he's a solid #3 or 4 on a great contract, has some offensive upside as well(not much, but enough to make him considered one of the top 2nd-pairing guys in the game if he taps into it). If it came down to it, I think I'd prefer to hang onto him. Only because most of our prospects are offensive-minded guys, and if Yandle came over we'd be short on defensive-minded D-men.
That's fair on Grabner. I said Grabner was the guy people think Boedker will become, he may not be as fast as Grabner but Boedker brings a physical element that Grabner doesn't and if the playoffs are any indication of Boedker taking the next step, then he will be closer to grabner's level(which is a great checking winger) than people think in the goalscoring and defensive department(maybe not on the same level, but right under there wouldn't surprise me). Yeah, I'd say on the high-end grabner has 30goal potential and lots of breakaway chances, but eventually if d-men/forwards get the game plan on him, he realistically should be around a 17-25goal/yr guy. It's 1 thing to have the skills, it's another to be able to do be able to what you do with the competition knowing it's coming if that makes sense. I'm not even a Yotes fan either and Boedker extremely impressed me in the playoffs. I know that Grabner wouldn't be a 1st line forward for the Yotes, and they are full of middle 6 2-way/checking forwards so that's why I'm not sure they'd want him. But he would probably slot in nicely on the 2nd or 3rd line somewhere, so maybe. I just don't think they might value Grabner as much as they would a proven 20-25goal/yr scorer, not one who's production dropped noticably last year(not that it might not go up).

I think the Yotes would want a younger mid-pairish d-man back for depth/safety. They lost Aucoin and Roszival this offseason, Morris is 34, and schlemko/rublad may still be shotty and I'm not sure where Gormley is, but there defense could look ugly as hell with no d-man coming back and Yandle leaving, likely something like:

Stone/not-sure-ready Rublad/Gormley

Too much unprovenness to count on for a recent playoff "winner".

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