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10-10-2012, 11:20 AM
"Scoreboard, son."
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I wondered what the screenshot of Stinger with Dan Hinote in a hot tub was. I now know. It's still hilarious.

Originally Posted by CBJ Tiffin View Post
Looks like a bunch of CBJ faithful having a good time, making the best of the lockout. I'm sure they'd rather be watching hockey just like the rest of us. Nice job promo teams.
This. For those that didn't catch it, several of (I recognized two, but I'm guessing all of) the girls involved are CBJ Pepsi girls. Add to that Leo, Dancing Kevin, and I think the guy in the tie may be the DJ.

In other words, CBJ employees finding a fun way to kill time while they, like the rest of us, have nothing else to do.

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