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10-10-2012, 12:17 PM
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Originally Posted by HiEverybody View Post
If I went with a Graf 46/48, does anyone know how much shorter they would be in length? I like the pants I bought, they're just a bit long. I can definitely fit into a smaller waist, I just need to shave off ~2-4 inches length-wise.

Thanks again for all the help!
I just called Tackla HQ earlier this week because I'm having issues fitting pants for my daughter. I bought her a large women's Bauer Supreme 80 to replace her medium women's Bauer Supreme 70. The large were actually SMALLER than her old medium. Go figure.

Anyway, I decided to give the Tackla women line a try but wanted good information on sizing. The guy at Tackla told me to basically add an inch in length for each step up in size. So a 50 would be about an inch longer than a 48. Hope this helps.

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