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Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
If you would take the time to explain the difference I would appreciate it.

I don't think that players are "bloodthirsty" generally, but a lot of them are put in positions where their livelihood depends on their ability to play on the edge. It's all well and good to say Raffi Torres or Matt Cooke need to clean up their act but they won't be in the league if they dial it back too much. Those players constantly use the hurt vs injure argument, even when they're injuring more guys than they're hurting. Maybe it's not true for every player but I think it's safe to say players like that are using the argument to sleep at night.
Well the differences come in the subtleties of the language, which are interpreted differently by everyone. But in my opinion?

Attempting to hurt someone is predicated on the intent of causing temporary pain on an opposing player to mitigate their on-ice effectiveness. This is usually accomplished via psychological effects, making players afraid to go in front of the net, into the corners, etc. Attempting to injure someone is an attempt to do structural damage to an opponent's body to mitigate their effectiveness.

For example, if you're a defenceman protecting the front of your net and a big forward skates in to screen your goalie, what are you going to do? You're going to crosscheck the **** outta him to send the message that if he wants to stand there, he's going to pay the price. Are you trying to hurt the forward? Obviously, you are intending to cause him pain. But are you trying to injure him? No. Your intent isn't to break his back with those crosschecks or cause any lasting injury.

I'm on Ferraro's side in this argument. When I play sports I like to make my opponents feel a little pain. A couple unnecessary elbows, a little slash on the ankles. I'm never trying to injure the guy, but I'm always trying to break his concentration by forcing his attention to shift to a sensation in his body, instead of the play going on around him. I bet it's extremely rare for players to actually attempt to put their opponents on the IR, however I'm sure it happens on occasion.

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