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10-10-2012, 06:55 PM
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Originally Posted by HobeyBroten View Post
This game is really, REALLY starting to **** me the *** off! I can't get any better I swear, I play on average 10 games the past couple nights, or until my hands get sore and I am still averaging 1.5 goals with about 20+ shots below circles.

I know I sound like a little whinny female dog, but little things like the lag there is in passing, drives me nuts. It seriously seems like there is a full second response from when I push the button to when the player actually passes the puck.

I need the lockout to end right meow so I have something else to look forward to after work that doesn't remind me how much I struggle at video games!
As a few of us mentioned a bit back, dirty goals are the way to go. It's hard to score in transition, so it's usually best to set up in the zone rather than taking that nice easy shot off the rush because you won't pick up the rebound. The distant wrap around still works most of the time too (where you come from behind the net and put the puck upper right short side) but keep an eye on the goalie as they sometimes stick to the post (when you should keep the same movement but shoot low and far side).

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