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10-10-2012, 06:29 PM
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-Getting kicked out of the faceoff circle
-Calling off icings
-Intentional off-sides.
-If the D gets involved in scrums in the offensive zone, the faceoff is outside the zone

Most these are simple enough to add. Faceoffs, if you cheat you get kicked out. If the person after you cheats, you get a delay of game penalty. For waiving icings, input some sort of speed sensor so if the player slows down, the icing is called off. For intentional offsides, input some sort of timer. If you see the "offsides" warning for a while and still touch the puck, or if the player stays in the zone for a certain amount of seconds and still touches the puck, the faceoff goes to the defensive zone.
The last one isn't really necessary, it just adds a little more realism. There has to be some recognition though. Like if the other team checks a defenseman at the blue-line, that shouldn't count. But if the defenseman actively skates to the crease area and starts face-washing or checking people, then the faceoff should go outside.

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