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Originally Posted by Crede777 View Post
You're arguing from a Red Wings / CBJ perspective, Skraut. But you have to understand that many people are seeing things from a Browns / CBJ / Cavs / Reds / Bengals perspective of perpetual suckitude.

For teams like the Browns and the Jackets, the problems and lack of winning are so repetitive, so ubiquitous, that the problem has to lie with ownership. So when I (or I think many fans) say that there isn't enough change, that is often what they are alluding to. There is the belief that, while McConnell, Priest, and Howson are the primary factors in decision making, this team will simply not win. Say what you will, but the data seems to indicate that such a view isn't entirely far fetched.
Oh I get it now! The Jackets would be better if we changed Presidents! Why didn't somebody say this before. Why one only has to look at the fine example provided by the Cleveland Browns to see what a difference changing the president of the team makes. They've done it 5 times since 2000, and just look how it has propelled them to greatness.

And look what a difference changing a general manager makes. Why does my computer keep giving me a "Divide by zero" error when I try and figure out how many playoff wins each of the 5 Browns general managers are responsible for?

I think I know what the problem with the Browns are though. They've only changed Head Coaches the second most often of any pro team in Ohio. If only they'd change it a few more times, they'd go from being the worst team in the NFL to being the worst team in the NHL.

Seriously though, I think it is BECAUSE I am a Browns fan, that I want consistency in the Jackets Front Office. Anything to NOT be like them.

I guess I just want our team to be more like the Predators and less like the Browns, Indians, and Cavs. Why is this so wrong? The only "Change" this team hasn't tried yet is not changing.

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