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10-10-2012, 08:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Bob E View Post
No clue. Buck might not make it to the half, and you are considering starting him... again. Makes no sense.
Originally Posted by veganhunter View Post
Mack and Burke trying to keep their jobs lol Elliot finally has a really good game and has an opportunity to build on it in Calgary and start developing further for next year and what do we do? The QB made of glass is going back in (provided he passes the confusion test) and we can only hope he makes it to halftime. I know it's not common practise to do mid season but wow do I wish we would have just got rid of Burke already. Buck is not the answer, he will never be the answer, he is made of glass, one more big hit this guy might be done, and he has barely been an average starter even when healthy. Let the guy who could potentially be the answer finish out the season and see where were at but this the Bombers we're talking about wouldn't expect anything less out of this organization.
Okay, good.

I was hoping I wasnt the only one that thought this is ludicrous.

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