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10-10-2012, 08:41 PM
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Originally Posted by oPlaiD View Post
The tax makes little sense, if the Rams and Cardinals don't have to pay it. Especially if the city controls all the parking revenue; wouldn't giving the Blues some breaks actually help the city some then, allowing them to generate more parking revenue by making the Blues events more in demand?
Not a chance. Five percent sounds small, but that tax means literally millions in revenue for the city of St.Louis. It really is BS, but I believe the Blues have to pay it since the STC is in fact owned by the city. The Blues did actually try to sue the city in the 80's over the amusement tax, but were unsuccessful. My guess is the only way the Blues will ever get that tax removed is if they purchase the STC.

As far as Checketts is concerned, I honestly don't think he ever cared for the Blues or hockey in general for that matter. He is a basketball fan and business man. He was strictly here to make money, and that's exactly what HE did. Stillman and Co certainly have their work cut out, but I still think they can find a way to make it work. I know we've heard this story before, but Stillman seems different than previous owners. I think he really cares for this team and is excited about the direction they are headed. He also has a strong group of local investors backing him. Which could never hurt his chances.

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