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Lets not jump the gun too quick on Pete Beliveau till we hear the story, obviously hes gotten himself into some type of trouble, how serious it is has yet to be revealed.

Maybe its not financialy related at all, maybe this goes back to him and his players and why he stepped down from coaching, Penn state anyone? I shouldnt say that cause thats highly I would hope unlikely

Maybe Pete's full time manager position to focus on the financial side of things has two different possible tales, he got hiself into a mess and needed that full time position to concentrate fully on covering his trail. Maybe in his new position some of the fundraising or any money geared towards the hockey program etc etc went into his own pocket.

Maybe he did offer more than he was allowed to players, cause he did get in one hell of alot of new recruits over his 4 years. On the other hand no one can accuse him of cheating because the results weren't there in the standings anyways. Maybe theirs a Reason David MacDonald transfered to Dal from SMU. Maybe the new Shared Hallways of the Forum between the Tigers and Huskies revealed some casual conversation between players, that got leaked to the Trevor Steinburgs of the world

Maybe this goes back to simular incidents that maybe took place in Moncton, Lakehead and Windsor and later his reasoning for leaving the bench last xmas.

As far as a AUS Wide Audit goes, for sure and it may happen now but I dont think anyone is hiding anything or else theyd be Caught by now, why pick on Pete Beliveau for financial reasons at Dalhousie, I would say every team and Coach in the League over the Years has had more and more hatred for UNB Hockey, you don't think one of those coaches would like to see the UNB Program go down if they thought they were doing something wrong to lure in the players beyond the fact of the program tradition? And if those Coaches really thought UNB or any program was doing something againts the rules, the simple reason they probably have for not ratting out that program, is cause they now they are doing the same thing.

It all Started with Mike Johnston at UNB. The Red Devils (reds) were terrible in 1988 to 1990, They had a winning season every year and improved overall each year peaking in 1998 with their first University Cup Championchip, they took a minor step back in 1999 with a U-Cup Hangover, a couple of high profile guys got offered deals, Coach Mike Kelly was also another, Tom Coolen took over for two years and didnt really get a chance to put a huge stamp of his own, but still UNB lost in double OT in his second season to Alberta in the Final, The Era of Gardiner began the next year and he has grown the program each year more and more based of more and more success and Tradition. Where UNB is at Today has been 20 + years in the making, not because in 2007 Gardiner decided to go out and buy a Ring.

I say this because the finger pointing always starts, even though Pete Beliveau is in some type of trouble, and quite possibly Dalhousie University themselves, it starts to look UNB's way.

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