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Originally Posted by Edmontreal View Post
Except that the car in point, the IS - apart from the diesel sold in Europe - doesn't share any key components with Toyota.

And come on, IS-F is Lexus' first attempt at a super sedan, something MB and BMW has perfected since the early 80:es! If I'm BMW/MB I'd be scared enought that they are that close with their attempt.
Have you even been to the Ring?
Like Joe Cole puts it, the lap times are fine and dandy. Put some laps in yourself and come back and tell us it is the be all end all measuring stick for production cars. It is not.

This comes from someone who used to pick up my pay check from Audi, and has owned Mercs as well as BMWs, which is what I am driving currently.
No one in the industry takes Lexus, or Toyota for that matter, lightly. I don't know about Canada but in most parts of the world, they are a top notch company from top to bottom.
and btw theres many engines and suspension parts that are interchangeable between many toyotas and lexus. While I worked at BMW twice they organized events at Mont Tremblant and invited all the major manufacturers to bring out their cars for test drives around the track, some were faster, some had better brakes, some looked better, but none had that perfect 50-50 balance and the steering feedback you get from driving a BMW

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