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10-10-2012, 10:01 PM
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Originally Posted by veganhunter View Post
I agree the one awesome game and one good game are not a big enough sample size to say anything with certainty but neither are the two terrible games. Joey didn't have a ton of time with the first time offence and has barely started any games in his career. Is he great now? No but he has potential and that's more than you can say for Buck before we all rush to judgment on whether he sucks because he two bad games or he is going to be great because he had two good games, let's watch him play out the season, get first team reps, experience, an opportunity to learn from his mistakes without having to look over his shoulder for the glass QB.

By the way just an observation a lot of inexperienced and young QB's throw a lot of check downs because they are unfamiliar with receivers, unsure of their reads, and simply lack confidence to try and squeeze the ball into tight windows, not to mention with this constant QB carousel we've had this season the guy is probably scared to death to throw a pick. Let's let him play and find out out if he is able to correct some of these things rather than letting a QB who is destined for an early retirement or at least a weekly trip to the infirmary try and salvage a lost season.

I mean if we are going to say Joey had a "lucky" day I can just as easily this team is terrible (the OL is putrid and we have a glass QB and two inexperienced guys, along with an inconsistent D, so it would be hard to argue) and this was a "lucky" day in a lost season.
Its been more then 2 bad games. Those two games were just the worst by a QB in the history of the league. Check down Joey does it way more then most young QBs but point taken.

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