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10-10-2012, 11:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Matalvatz View Post
I feel so left out not having this year's game, but somehow the hockey lockout has killed my interest in all things hockey...maybe I'm a bad hockey fan.

I should be watching my Sharkies on TV every other night...
Any plans on picking up the game?

Oh! and BTW, maybe I missed something or was blind but. I would like to share my secret on how I had a +8 Accerlation (With one boost)

What happened was, I put the +5 on, then, in another slot, I added the +3. Accepted changes and got out of it. Checked my attributes, saw that I got +8 with 2 slots. Wen't back into hockey shop, removed the +3 boost and used it for something else. Accepted, went out. but the + 8 was still there.

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