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10-11-2012, 12:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
AHHHH!! Dear GOD NO! NOOOOOOOO! Maciocia is a freaking idiot, one of the worst ppl in the CFL (only say one of since Reinbold is somehow back in CFL). It's like the one way of the ways to go backwards from Mack.

@ Bob E, this will actually be WPG's FIFTH top 4 pick in just 3 years. Muamba, Etienne, Pensor, this year's 1st Ovr and Kito Poblah. Had Poblah not tried NFL and got his paperwork work in on time, he would have been 1st overall in 2011, had he not gotten his paperwork in at all, he would have been 1st overall in 2012 (Bombers picked him up in the 2011 Supplemental Draft by giving up their 2012 first rounder, which worked fantastic since it would have been 7th). So far though, we have only injuies (Poblah, Penser) and inconsistency (Poblah, Muamba) and closing in on bust (Etienne) to so for it. Not great so far, but hopefully this will set the stage for some good NI talent down the road.

By the looks of things, we might have to potential to start 4 IMP O-Linemen next year. Change the receiving corps to WR Matthews, SB Edwards/Denmark, NIP SB Watson, NIP SB Poblah, NIP WR Kohlert/Etienne/Aprile next year. Start NIP MLB Muamba, NIP S Logan and maybe a first round pick on the DL (Charles, Gaydosh, Kashama, Joseph) or Bilikidi on the DL if we can get him back from OAK. Hell maybe then we can have a half-decent offensive line.

The big question is still QB. We will need to bring in a real competitor for the starting spot. Elliott, Goltz, Quinn/Reilly, and a young new QB would produce some real competition and hopefully some success. That's about the only options we have right now. Hell I'd take Kevin Glenn back next year, anything.
I agree 100%, with most of this.

I'm only waffling on the O-Line. Call me a CFL tradionalist, but starting 4 import O-Linemen just seems anti-CFL to me. Great CFL teams seem to always have outstanding Canadian hogs, imo, so you can play highly skilled americans in other areas.

Boy, five top 4 picks and we may only have Muamba and the 2013 1st overall to show for it. Not giving up on Poblah just yet, but he's got a ways to go. Etienne is a bust and Pencer is soon to follow. He was damaged goods when he was drafted. And to think we could have drafted Coehoorn or Iannuzzi instead of Etienne (who i'm sure would have been available in the 2nd or 3rd round).

I like Charles or Gaydosh. Either would be a nice addition to the D-Line.

But you are absolutely right, the most important piece to this puzzle will be at QB. Elliot has shown some ability. Is he inconsistent? Absolutely. Has he delivered? On occassion. That's enough, in my books, to let him have a few more starts to build on what he's learned.

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