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10-11-2012, 12:22 AM
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Originally Posted by tempest2i View Post
Primarily because the Oilers already have 8 Dmen signed. Tanev would be their 9th D man on the roster.

Let's take a look at the current guys:

1) Smid would be on the roster because he's good.

2) The older schultz brings much needed veteran leadership to the team, he's going to be playing fulltime.

3) Whitney is a) expensive and b) not worth much as a trade, thus he'd be playing too.

4) Petry was one of the better D men on the team last year, pencil him into the lineup fulltime.

5) The young Schultz was the offseason signing. You gotta expect that he'd be playing regular minutes too.

That's 5 roster spots already taken.

With that in mind you still have Sutton, Potter and Peckham signed and looking for ice time.

In reality Tanev, if he magically appeared on the Oilers roster, the Oilers would have to make some decisions something a long the lines of:

6) Waive Potter (they should do this anyways)

7) Waive Peckham. lose all the money and time put into his development for nothing

8) Nothing is happening to Sutton. He's the team's #7 Dman, no trade will change that.

So that leaves us with Tanev. He's a nice piece. He would certainly be the first guy added when Whitney gets his annual lower body injury because, he's better than Potter, Peckham and Sutton, but what do you do with him? He'd probably end up in OKC unless Tambo was able to move Potter and Peckham off the roster (and not bring back a roster player).

So to recap, bringing in a young D man, when there is no room for him without a drastic overhaul of the current lineup doesn't make a lot of sense. Then giving up a valuable asset like PRV (or Klefbom) to put yourself in that position, again makes no sense.
Your forgetting this season is mostly toast, so it would have to be next season we're talking about and you would have to throw in Klefbom in as well. From the sound of Klefbom's play in the SEL, Tanev doesn't have a chance. Then there's Musil and Marincin, who both have more potential then Tanev.

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