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Oct. 12-13: Mutts @ Bisons


MANITOBA BISONS (0-2-0, 3-4-1)

Friday, October 12th, 7:00 p.m. CDT @ Max Bell Arena
Saturday, October 13th, 7:00 p.m. CDT @ Max Bell Arena

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Prior game:
|> [Sept 14: Sask 5 Man 2 (exhibition)]

The regular season home opener is coming and I fully intend on attending both hockey games this coming weekend. After being swept in Saudi Alberta the Bisons will need some points if they want to repeat as pennant winners.

The Herd had an OK trip south, showing an ability to keep their opponents' shots on goal down. This was likely a priority with the coaches after their trip to Edmontown. They were outshot 28-20 by UND and in turn outshot Bemidji 28-26. If they can keep the shots down then decent goaltending should be able to pace the team to wins against Sask.

I'll be interested to see how the goaltenders will be used. Caligiuri gave up a couple of fluky goals against UND, and in the end surrendered 4 goals on 17 shots. Deckert gave up one goal on 11 shots against UND and one goal on 13 shots against BSU. Dubnyk gave up 2 goals on 13 shots, playing only one period plus OT. However, Caligiuri kept the Bisons in their first game against Alberta whilst Deckert was shelled in his start. I would not be surprised to see them split the games until one gets hotter than the other.

Up front, Cowan and Rowinski were dressed last weekend. But Nathan Green has yet to be seen. They have thus far gotten goals from different lines and different times so I suspect we'll see them roll 4 lines and sit some of the depth players.

On D, I am wondering if Crowley and Bestland are injured. They were the starting pair and would be needed against Sask.

The Mutts swept the pesky expansion MRU Cougars in their opener and took Thanksgiving off to pig out on possum shanks and crawdads. Now for a big treat they come to the Big City where they can drink from toilets and urinate on fire hydrants. We need to stop that. A swat with a rolled up newspaper should do it.

The strength of the Banjo-Mutts is their offence. Their top line of Hulak-Bortis-Ross were 3 of the top 4 scorers in the league last year. (Bison Blair Macaulay was the only non-Husky in the top 4.) Shut them down and you've got 'em beat. Hulak and Bortis are back.


REGINA COUGARS (1-1-0, 2-7-0)

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These teams are both off to a shaky start. Still, the H0rny Ones picked up a bonus point for an OTL and Regina upset UBC in OT in week 1. Then they both got thumped last weekend against NCAA teams. I suspect a long season for both sides, with this weekend being a golden opportunity to rack up some much-needed points.

MOUNT ROYAL COUGARS (0-2-0, 2-3-1)
ALBERTA GOLDEN BEARS (2-0-0, 10-0-0)

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This one is a home-and-home series. MRU gave Sask a scare last weekend and it won't get any easier this time around. Neither team played last weekend. MRU gave Alberta a good run in the Brick Invitational Tournament played in September. Sask and Manitoba would be happy to see Alberta held to anything below 4 points.

UBC THUNDERBIRDS (1-0-1, 4-1-2)
CALGARY DINOS (2-0-0, 3-3-0)

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|> [U of C Preview Story] : [reposted at CW]
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This match-up is intriguing. UBC surprised last year and were holding off the Bedrock Boys in the battle for 4th place. Calgary rallied and claimed 4th. Then in the quarter-finals UBC won game 1, only to lose games 2 and 3. UBC had a win, loss, and tie in their trip to Colorado last weekend, which is good. But they also managed a loss to Regina and in one game against SFU needed OT to win. Calgary should be a good measuring stick. They appear to be a consistent, slightly above average team. So this will help explain just what UBC can be expected to do.


Friday, October 12
Dalhousie at Saint Mary’s
St. Francis Xavier at Acadia
St. Thomas at New Brunswick
Moncton at UPEI
Ottawa at McGill
Concordia at Carleton
UQTR at Nipissing
Toronto at Royal Military College
York at Lakehead
Ryerson at Queen’s
Western Ontario at Waterloo

Saturday, October 13
Acadia at Dalhousie
Moncton at New Brunswick
Saint Mary’s at St. Francis Xavier
St. Thomas at UPEI
Ryerson at Royal Military College
Guelph at Brock
Carleton at McGill
UQTR at Ottawa
Wilfrid Laurier at Western Ontario
UOIT at Windsor
York at Lakehead

Sunday, October 14
UOIT at Windsor
Nipissing at Toronto


Pete Belliveau, former coach of Dalhousie, is now the former GM. There are as yet unreported allegations being investigated by the CIS, the nature of which have not been disclosed. The CIS Blog will likely be the first on-line source of information on this.
Link: [CIS Blog]

Even though the McGilligutties are the defending CIS champions, they are off to a 0-2 start with a pair of unimpressive losses. Their performance this weekend will be something to keep an eye upon. They face Ottawa and Cartoon U at home.
Link: [CIS Blog]

The first official top ten list is out. I say it is too early. Fortunately, the Official Hollywood Top 34 (OHT34) will be out after this weekend's games. Regina had some votes. How is that even possible?
Links: [CIS] : [reposted at CW]

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