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10-11-2012, 03:05 AM
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There has been quite a few of these threads/polls and some good debate on them. I tried to shove Hasek down to the Roy campers throat and failed miserably. I started to look in to it a bit more and found out that Hasek and Roy are actually very very close.

Hasek has the highest regular season peak of all time. I think it is safe to say it. He also was good playoff performer and showed flashes of brilliance. He has 6 vezina's and is remembered to be a great athletic goalie.
I always went with the flow in europe and said Hasek is the best of all-time. (modern goalies) But if you go ahead and look for articles and analysis from NA you will find that Roy is close to consensus number 1 in professional writers opinions. There is some odd votes for both Brodeur and Hasek but Roy has so significant lead there that it has to mean something. Bias or no bias.

I think i would safely put Hasek at the number 1 spot if he would have played few seasons more in the NHL. I think 900+games would be in that range where he could pull ahead of Roy. But i feel like it is not enough at this point to make him clear cut #1.

Sure he did have the highest peak and was the best player in the world for few years. And that is why i rank him at number 1. But Roy being superior post-season performer and superstar goalie in the regular season makes this close. Also Roy played about 300 more games in the regular season. It has to count for something.

My vote is Hasek but i can see why someone would take Roy.

(Man it is bitter to eat own words. )

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