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Scott Stevens, Matt Cooke, and Chris Simon all come to mind.

We can recall these few recent incidents, both featuring Ryan Kesler as the target:

Pronger didn't seem at all to hesitate before stomping on Kesler; it was completely uncalled for. In such a scenario, it's very possible Pronger was prepared to injure another player if they impeded him. Being prepared to injure another player is much like having the intent to injure.

The score at the time of the Boulerice hit below was 7-2 Flyers. The puck was nowhere in sight when Boulerice cross-checked Kesler.

Do some players, at times, step on to the ice with the intent to injure another player? There certainly is evidence to support that argument. While Ferraro may have been morally-conscious as a player, and ethical in the way he conducted himself, there will always be individuals whose morals differ from his. Are there players who would intentionally injure others to gain an advantage or to seek retribution? Probably. The Stevens hits may be controversial, but there are other incidents we can look at to confirm that some players are willing to hurt others for various reasons. Oddly, the Simon, Boulerice, and Pronger incidents all featured well-known pests as the victims.

The incident below may be different in the sense that it was reactionary, but it provides more proof that players won't hesitate to injure other players at any given moment. Mikko Koivu's leg was broken on this play as a result of Mattias Ohlund's unnecessary two-handed chop.

One of the most publicized incidents in NHL history happened in our own backyard:

Another. Here, commentator Bill Clement affirms the belief that Hunter intended to injure Gord Murphy, going as far as to say Terry Murray "unleashed Hunter" to target Murphy.

In the two instances below, top players are being taken out of the game when the puck is nowhere nearby:

0:45 -- Dale Hunter's attack on Pierre Turgeon during the latter's goal celebration. While Turgeon is facing the crowd and lifting his arm, Hunter strikes him with his fist and knocks him to the ice.

Here's Tie Domi elbowing Scott Neidermayer away from the play during the 2001 postseason.

Do some players play with an intent to injure others? Absolutely. There is more than enough evidence to prove some players approach the game prepared to injure others and at times ready to target players.

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