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10-11-2012, 09:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Bunka Gurndeep View Post
Lol BMW.

For the price:performance ratio, nobody is beating the Nissan GTR. Nobody.
Absolute dream to drive. Don't know if/how much they've gotten better in most recent years, but I got to drive a friend's mid-2000s ('06? '07?) GTR along the Japan Sea coast up where I lived, and I had so much fun seeing how high I could get the G-force meter on some of those coastal mountain switchbacks. She didn't seem concerned about lending me her car for a rip at first. An hour later, though, she had to call my cell to "check in", hahahaha.

Don't get how that translates into a "lol BMW", though. Given enough money right now to make the choice, I'd still rather pay half the money and get a used BMW that offers much more than half the driving pleasure of a new GTR.

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