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Originally Posted by dtones520 View Post
Going to try and do Butchart tomorrow before we hope back on the Ferry. I'm glad we are only here for a day though, hopefully the ferry ride back is less foggy to get some better views. Finishing up our trip by staying at Opus, looks like the rain is going to roll in on Friday, just in time for us to leave Saturday morning!
Finally some rain and a real Vancouver experience.

Bluewater Cafe is near Opus, it's expensive but worth it if thats your thing. Yaletown Brewery is close too, decent beer. Lots of great dining options in Yaletown, from Phat for lunch to lots of overpriced options that serve great food. I could tell you what was cool last weekend, but that may have already changed.

I'm sure everyone will have a different favourite overpriced place, but I'd go with Il Giardino.

Or Vij's if you don't mind waiting. It's worth the wait and it is a Vancouver destination. Do not let some suburbanite try and tell you Rangoli, they've likely never been to either.

And a left field option(s): Alibi Room or St Augy for great West Coast beer lists. Alibi is cooler, Augy has TVs and can be accessed easily by Skytrain.

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