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Originally Posted by FrailSwan View Post
So Ralph basically says:

-Green was never a primary color, but an accent. But they get the green argument.
Umm, I think I have photos of the Stars posing with the Stanley Cup where green was most definitely the primary colour in the uniforms the night they won. Maybe I'm just seeing things.

For those of us who are fans dating back to the Minnesota days, it was certainly a primary color and part of the team's heritage then as well.

-Gaglardi is very involved in the jersey change.
That's good. Seems there were more promos since he came that were green and he seems fan-friendly. On the flip side, he hired Lites and Lites almost personally designed the mess the Stars have now and was very flippant to fans who didn't like the look.

"It's kinda cool to align ourselves with these other great franchises." Brings up Rangers, Cowboys, Mavs. Basically says that is still an option among many.
The Stars have their own identity and they've won their own championship. There's no need to try to look like someone else.

Then he brings up the Green =/= women which...I don't agree with.
So why don't the Stars just wear pink or pastel shades then? I see a lot of green in women's fashions these days, so this doesn't correlate to me. Moreover, the Minnesota Wild are one of the best selling merchandise lines in hockey and, primarily, their women's sales are of green items.

Logo problem must be addressed.
Yes, the logo must appear on the front of the sweaters.

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