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Originally Posted by SCP Guy View Post
So what would a serious revenue sharing system look like in todays NHL? Would something like every team put in 25% of HRR into an NHL pot and everyone gets 1/30th of that work? I'm not even sure to what levels current revenue sharing is set at and what HRR is included in that figure?

I think we can all agree that a more substantial revenue sharing system would be good for the health of the league as way to many teams for one reason or another (that we don't have to get into in this thread) can't seem to break even. So what levels are we looking at to make a difference for the bottom 10 teams without sucking up all the profits of the top 10 team?

Much more than that.

25% of HRR would give 25M to each team (25% of 3B/30). Bottom revenue teams are about 80M so it only adds 5M to their bottom line, thats only about 40% of what the NHL is asking for in player reductions.

And what does that cost Toronto for example? 25M.

If you doubled it to 50% revenue sharing, thats 10M for the bottom teams, almost there, but that then costs Toronto 50M dollars, well above a 50% tax on their profits.

There just gets to be a point where it does not work, and I personally feel its well before the players having to not give up anything.

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