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10-11-2012, 11:41 AM
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I think we're all missing the point that if a product cannot sell despite a much lower than market average pricing, it isn't going to work no matter what system you have.

Here are my creative suggestions:

1) 50/50 revenue split of NHL related HRR. This is about the standard for other leagues and it just makes sense. Both sides need each other for the league to work. Set it at 50/50, and never touch it again...ever.

2) UFA after 6 years. NHL wants 10, currently set at 7. Small concession to the players so that they accept...

3) RFA bridge contracts. Consider it a second ELC. In the 4th and 5th years, contract cap hits are capped at 7.5% of the salary cap upper limit. That allows this number to grow as revenues grow, while keeping post-ELC contracts manageable preventing inflation.

4) The top 5 revenue teams pay in 10% of their revenues into revenue sharing, to be distributed to the bottom 5 revenue teams should they qualify for revenue sharing. If the bottom 5 revenue teams do not qualify, then the remaining amount is distributed back to the teams that earned this revenue. In order to qualify for revenue sharing, bottom 5 teams MUST achieve a minimum of 90% of that teams arena capacity, with an average ticket price no less than 15% lower than the league average. Sorry, but if you can't sell your product like everyone else then why should everyone else have to support you?

5) CBA length: 10 years

6) Annual USA Winter Classic, Annual Canada Winter Classic. All-Star Game becomes a West vs. East matchup to determine home ice advantage in the SCF (as mentioned in another post above), and an NHL sponsored World Cup of Hockey every 4 years (mid-way between Olympics). Revenues from the WC of Hockey to be split between the IIHF and the NHL owners. Players are not compensated.


The Canucks will continue to suck until the day Benning, Weisbrod, Linden, and Desjardins are all fired.
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